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A nickname for Iowa City, Iowa. Used derisively by some and proudly by others, the nickname refers to the liberal political philosophy of Johnson County, especially in contrast to the surrounding counties and state. Johnson County elects Democratic and/or Liberal candidates in rates uncharacteristic of the state of Iowa. The creation of this liberal enclave probably came about because of the University of Iowa.

As many students of the University will agree, the liberal nature of the area is also probably accounted for by the large number of Chicago area natives who have moved to the area. Many Iowans living in Johnson County and/or attending the university keep their conservative views.

This nickname is thought to be derived from the writings of a conservative reporter in Des Moines, Iowa.
The political views expressed in the People's Republic of Johnson County are typical of the kind expressed in scholarly, educated areas. The reason it is noteworthy in Iowa City is because the surrounding area is very conservative and rural.
by Josh E. January 06, 2006
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