The pelican is an act of oral sex performed on a man, where one's partner deep throats the entire penis while fitting the ball sack in their mouth as well. Thus mimicking a pelican fitting an entire fish in it's beak.
Yo bruh last night was epic! Shelly's head game is so sick she fucking gave me the pelican.
by JHigity August 20, 2019
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When you insert your index finger in your partners vagina and then your 3 remaining fingers are then placed in to her ass-hole. your partner then "CAW'S" like a pelican.
Dude did u give her the shocker lastnite?
by killacali1904 August 22, 2010
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A position meant for two gay males. The bottom must be sitting straight up with the legs forward. The top must be positioned facing the other gay man while riding the penis. The bottom then sucks the tops penis. Completing the Pelican.
I can't wait to try The Pelican with Mark later. I want my dick sucked while taking it in the ass.
by Eryk Pach October 28, 2007
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The Pelican - When a man puts both his penis and testicles entirely into a woman mouth as she performs the act of fellatio.

Work best on woman with large mouths and deep throats.
" Oh boy, I'd love to give Pam Oliver The Pelican "
by MasterJamMaster May 9, 2014
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A variation of the shocker where only one finger goes in the vagina, but three go in the anus. The hand shape resembles that of a pelican with a large mouth.
The shocker didn't rock her, neither did the spocker, so I used the pelican.
by Aloysius May 29, 2006
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Verb: To pelican. To eat something like a pelican (quickly and enthusiastically).

See also: "It didn't touch the sides"
by world'shungriestman September 27, 2011
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