The ultimate spot to light fires, shit on the floor, whip your cock out, light off fireworks, hang with the boys, play with dildos, harass workers, draw dicks, have anal, play games, and basically do anything that's disgusting and slightly illegal with the squad.
Eric: Hey boys, wanna go to the park?
Claire: Hell yeah, I'm gonna shit in the urinal.
by Big Wang Gang 69 May 3, 2017
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Also meaning Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Hundreds hang out, buy/smoke pot, drink and sleep there. All the inhabitants commonly just refer to it as 'the Park'
Hey Dude, I've got 3 40's so Ill meet you at our camp back in THE PARK.
by loodog the great dog July 1, 2009
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I'm going ridin' in The Park on Sunday. Wanna come?
Sure I've been meaning to see The Gates anyway

Springsteen's gonna play The Park this summer.

What part of The Park is Strawberry Fields again?
Near The Dakota, duh?

She lives on the Upper East SIde. Lofty-- 4 blocks in from The Park too.

by KiM_NJ April 30, 2006
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A chill place to get buck wild with the boys, smoke, drop acid, fuck ass, vandalize public property, commit public defecation, helicopter your wiener, have an existential crisis, or just hang out without having to worry about less free thinking members of society.
Ted: “ay y’all tryna get shmacked at the park today?”

Marley: “bet bro say less.”
by Slummdogg milionairre December 9, 2021
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Brad was too cheap to spring for a hotel, so we went parking at Lover's Lane.
by Mystie March 27, 2005
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The state of being unable to enter your vehicle because some dickhead parked too close to the door. The solution to this is usually to have to enter the other side of the vehicle and climb through, although if you're parked in on both sides, you are hosed.
I got parked in by some dickhead in a mini the other day. I smashed all the windows and tipped the damn thing over.
by Trinadtsat Tomitsu November 29, 2007
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hesoo park
by bakseoo September 9, 2003
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