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Occurs when a fellateur gets a long pube in her nose and sneezes during oral sex due to her over zealous deep-throating and his lack of bush trimming, causing the fellatee to become enraged and punch the fellateur with both fists in both eyes simultaneously and then finishing on her face, giving her two black eyes and a white face....The Panda Sneeze
I know I should have trimmed my tree, but that bitch sneezed right before I was about to come so I HAD to give her the Panda Sneeze.

That asshole Panda Sneezed me because his thicket was so hairy that it made me sneeze..

Have you ever seen the Panda Sneeze in real life?

When was the last time you received a good Panda Sneeze?
by Howdoyoudo? October 26, 2009
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