The act of a man pulling his balls out of the opening in the front of his boxers. This trick is closely related to The Turkey and the frog brain.
While usually done in front of friends as a joke, Larry sometimes performs The Oyster by himself for amusement.
by ihatebuffering January 20, 2011
An act of oystering, specifically used in a negative connotation.
I popped a benzo, went to the bar, pissed on my friends couch, and was completely oystered.
by ayeitzkp December 2, 2019
To "get oystered" is when you get ultimately rekt from peeking a spot or getting one tapped in csgo. Normally occurs when you don't listen to your top fragger.

"Don't peek it Kru$h! *Kru$h peeks it ~ get's one tapped* Haha scrub! Get oystered!"

"Peek it you won't! *Kru$h shoulder peeks it ~ awper lands the shot and kills him* Damn. He just got oystered. Oh well, at least he dropped an awp."
by ClepClep November 7, 2018
The part of the female genitalia that is comprised of the clit and the genital lips. When the lips have been parted, the lady's anatomy is quite like the appearance of an oyster.
Wow! Did you see the oyster on that chick in the movie? She had very large lips. And her oyster was very, very moist!
by The C MONSter August 18, 2007
a seafood. Studies have proven that oysters contain a rare acid that 'makes you horny' by stimulating sex hormones
oysters should be in your sex lifes' diet!
by wakalakalover45 March 27, 2005
Oyster is London’s travel smartcard. You can put your Travelcard or Bus Pass season ticket on it, add travel value (cash) to pay as you go or have a combination of both.

Oyster cards are also reusable. This means that when your ticket expires you can buy another on the same Oyster card, and when your travel value (cash) runs out, you can just top it up.
I used my Oyster to get to work today.
by TintinHerge July 19, 2006
The mother of a pearl. They are found in salt-water bodies.
I found a precious pearl in an oyster.
by Sandy Jane February 19, 2008