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A malignant cringefest where once a year some of the worlds biggest egos congregate for the express purpose of engaging in a mass circlejerk. A night where Hollywood’s liberal elite deign to speak to the proletariat masses about social justice and wokeness, while somehow managing to ignore the fact that they work in one on the most morally bankrupt industries in the country. Watching a puppy get eaten would be a worthier way to spend your evening.
John: Hey, the Oscars are on. Wanna tune in? Jane: Nah, lets watch the Home Shopping Network instead.
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by vfuzz March 09, 2019
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An awesome awards show with people in gorgeous dresses (other than Miley Cyrus) That is being hosted by JAMES FRANCO and ANNE HATHAWAY. James Franco being one of the most gorgeouss and best actors ever to grace the Oscar stage.
Guy 1- Yo, dude. You watching the Oscars tonight?
Girl- What the hell! Of course I am. I'm finishing my project early to watch the hot James Franco speak. Ahh....
Guy 2- OMG I am so watching that. Dude are you?
Guy 1- What? No. That's for homos.
Guy 2- WTF? (Punches Guy 1 in face).
by I love James Franco forever February 27, 2011
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