A malignant cringefest where once a year some of the worlds biggest egos congregate for the express purpose of engaging in a mass circlejerk. A night where Hollywood’s liberal elite deign to speak to the proletariat masses about social justice and wokeness, while somehow managing to ignore the fact that they work in one on the most morally bankrupt industries in the country. Watching a puppy get eaten would be a worthier way to spend your evening.
John: Hey, the Oscars are on. Wanna tune in? Jane: Nah, lets watch the Home Shopping Network instead.
by vfuzz March 10, 2019
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A belief or theory that opinions and actions should be taken with a laid-back attitude and that life should be stress-free.
-Did you study for the exam?
-No, I'm gonna improvise it. I'm an Oscarist.
-An Oscarist?
-I believe in Oscarism. You know, whatever happens happens. If I pass, great. If I fail, then that's just part of life.
by AnOscarist November 9, 2018
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Oscars are super sweet Latinos with the cutest haircuts. The best person ever. They are the funniest person you'll ever meet. They're super cute and know how to make a girl laugh. They know how to make their gf smile, even when she's feeling sad. He is the smartest boy in his class and such a geek. When you meet an Oscar you'll realize how awesome they are and how lucky you are to know them. Oscars can get you through anything. Whether you're sick of school, taking an L, or doubting urself an Oscar will be there to save the day.
Did you hear she's dating Oscar, he's a real one.
by Bestfriennnnd November 10, 2018
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A kid that guesses on class kahoots
Oscar Guessed every time
by Urban11111 November 26, 2019
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A small Italian man who wears red overalls and a red cap with the letter M on it he can jump high but that’s about it. He loves magic mushrooms and when he’s high he seems to think he’s tall and can spit fire balls so don’t go on front of him when he has shrooms.
Guy 1: hey I was playing super Oscar bros the other day
Guy 2: it’s mario bros u fucking idiot
by Timmy367_69haha August 11, 2020
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A short hispanic, sexy guy with a charming smile. Likes to laugh alot and is very humorous. He loves his friends and has one personality that everyone likes. Shy at first but can make your day when needed. He won't let his friends fall because he will fall with them and help them get up. Is very athletic and loves soccer. A great lover and amazing friend. Knows how to kiss good and is a great sex partner. Although short, he can be big in romance.
Oscar is so attractive, I love him.
by Car wreck November 21, 2013
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