The legendary group of Captain Matador, Choncho(chad), Russ(Rancho), Jon(Jonito), Gabe(sanchito), Dorito(Deedub), Jen(jenito) Who came up with the legendary game "would you blast?", this group infamously raised the bar on the island of Oahu for their legendary style of blasting, charging, organized mob style partying on the island of Oahu
The OP's or the Oahu Pimps as they are widely known are an invite only society of ragers on the island of Oahu. They are led by the original Charger Captain Matador, and they are notorious for nights of debauchery. Special Requests for membership are so secretive no one knows how to do it. The only way is to discover who the Captain is.
by El Capitan Matador June 18, 2009