A Filipino-American cartoon show created in 2007 to air on Myx TV. The show has become increasingly popular due to it becoming an internet meme. It is known for its very poor quality and repetitive theme song. It has become quite popular to edit the theme song so that every time the word "Nutshack" is sung, something funny or cancerous happens to the video, however people are expanding among that type of Nutshack meme and are becoming very creative.
Guy 1: Hey, have you seen my new video?
Guy 2: Yes, and I'm really tired of all of The Nutshack memes.
by DatGTA5Addict September 28, 2016
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An animated Filipino cartoon ran from 2007 to 2011. It's considered one of the worst cartoons, for many reasons, of the 2000s but it became a dank meme in 2016.
by Eggy543 June 20, 2019
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It's the Nutshack! A Filipino-American Adult Cartoon, which aired in 2007.

A lot of people will tell you the cartoon has below average animation and should never be watched - Those people have never even seen an episode, and most likely have only seen "Nutshack Edits" on Youtube, which consist of people dubbing over the theme song with memes and other nonsense.

The Nutshack, as a TV show, is no better and no worse than modern Family Guy. The animation is what you'd expect from today's adult cartoons, and the humor isn't nearly as raunchy as South Park's.

Is it good? Depends on who you ask. I'd say it's worth watching after smoking a reefer, whether you'd enjoy it or not - You're high, anything's funny while high.
Guy 1: Have you heard of The Nutshack?
Guy 1: ...I guess that means yes.
by AmusedJake November 06, 2016
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A show that became infamous for probably being the worst adult cartoon of all time

If you want actual good adult animation: Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, American Dad, Bobs Burgers, Bojack, etc. pretty much nothing with the name nutshack
It’s the nutshack, because this show does suck nuts
by SeeGuy October 31, 2020
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The nutsack is a blood boiling show with awful voice acting and a theme song that has become a meme.
by LopiSnas October 03, 2016
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A Filipino-American adult animated sitcom. Better than Futurama, Rick and Morty, and Family Gay.
It's about Jack, a big dude in San Francisco who meets with Phil, his cousin. They have an uncle named Richard "Tito" Dick.
It's! The! Nutshack! It's The Nutshack.
by McBoobs (IHateShitters) April 15, 2020
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A bad meme that is based off of the TV Show, "The Nutshack," but only the intro. The meme is replacing the word nutshack with something such as the entirety of the Bee Movie script.
Guy 1: Hey what are you watching?
Guy 2: I'm watching "It's the Nutshack but Instead of Saying Nutshack it's the Entire Sans is Ness video"
by It's The Nutshack November 08, 2016
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