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The Northampton Nasty is a expert level form of exhibitionism, that should only be performed by experienced exhibitionists. To do the Northampton Nasty you must have 3 grams of meth/crack, 1 XXL condom and copious amounts of silicone based anal lube.

First you must smoke the meth/crack as fast as you can. Then you must put the condom on your hand and cover it with copious amounts of anal lube. You then insert the hand in your anus as far as you can and jerk off with the other. Once you ejaculate congratulations, you just performed A Northampton Nasty.

The Northampton Nasty is best performed in a public setting.
Hey, did you hear joe got kicked out of his mom’s house and the cops caught him down by the river giving himself the Northampton Nasty!

Darn, i need one more gram of meth till i can go to the park and give myself a Northampton Nasty.

Screw you dad! Go give yourself a Northampton Nasty!

I bet if i record myself doing the Northampton Nasty Cindy will ask me to the dance.

Grammy still won’t look at me since she saw me doing the Northampton Nasty in the bathroom.

Joe truth or dare? Dare, i dare you to do the Northampton Nasty in canal street park in the middle of the day.

Wow! That cop that arrested joe for doing the Northampton Nasty in the park has nice arms!
by Skankhunt90 September 19, 2019
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