The nod is commonly used when a black person sees another black person. It's like saying, "I see you!" It's just a simple way of saying hi to someone.
When you see someone you know you would do the the nod and then go, "hey man!" or, "hey girl!"
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by imblacksodealwithit October 27, 2019
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The nodding of the head once to symbolize a greeting, cuz we white folk to damn lazy to open our mouths and speak up. Nods are also easier to shake off than a flase "hello".
"Person nods at you", or your direction, "you nod back"
by Derek November 05, 2003
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(verb) when two or more black guys nod at each other to acknowledge each other, because they're both black. The nod is used in the tv show 'Black-ish' where rich black men nod at each other, because they have "made it" and are rich. Sort of a physical way to say "ma nigga".
Daquan: -does the nod to Tyrone-
Tyrone: -nods back at Tyrone-
Samantha: Hey Tyrone, why did Daquan nod at you?
Tyrone: Because that guy's ma nigga.
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by blackboyy December 23, 2017
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Less gay than saying "hi"
Easier than rolling down the wondow of your car to yell "yo, homie" as you drive down the street. Don't try it with you'r g/f, or no sex for you. See also: nod of acknowledgement
lazy guy: I saw LJ walking down the street when I was driving.
nerd guy: Did you stop and say hi?
lazy guy: Fuck that. I gave him the nod.

or, alternatively
lazy guy: *Gives Nod*
girlfriend: *Kicks crotch*
by J-Wadd October 19, 2005
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Another way of sayin "sup". Usually used by ghetto people and teenagers, especially ghetto teenagers.
You know you're fucked when you see your dad givin you the nod and talkin smack.
by whogiveashit? June 01, 2006
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The nod is an action one partakes in if someone is being a dumbass. The person sends the nod by nodding to another person that is in a convenient location near the dumbass. Upon recieving the nod, it is only appropriate to punch the dumbass as hard as you can.
Sean was singing a retarded song so Nate gave Jim the nod. Jim punched Sean square in the chest; Sean never sang that song again.
by OddJob517 July 10, 2005
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