A term referring to El Nopalito - a Mexican restaurant in Kennesaw Georgia, known for it's cheap beer and relaxed practices on checking IDs.
The Nipple's patrons range from college age students to families to more collage age students; most of whom go there for the cheap beer.
I'm hungry, you want to go get something to eat?

Yeah, let's go to The Nipple
by gravymonkey February 11, 2009
According to a scene in Roadhouse you can get nipple to nipple.
Guy at the bar-Hey baby lets get nipple to nipple.
Girl at the bar-No thanks, I can do that on my own.

-From the movie Roadhouse
by Solid Mantis June 23, 2018
Being so cold that your nipples become hard enough for everyone within a 20 mile radius to see them.
"Are you turned on or something? It's cold outside, but it's not that nipplely."
by suckonmyteat May 1, 2008
the center of a womans breast that become pointed, hard, and erect when they are stimulated or the woman is horny...or really cold...
not a sexual organ, but generally feels good when rubbed, sucked, licked, bitten, or vibrated.it typically turns guys and girls on when they see a girls hard nipples showing through her shirt, especially when the girl isn't wearing a bra.
seeing two hot girls with big tits rub their hard nipples together is enough to get any guy or girl off.
by addy April 23, 2005
The one part on a woman's breast that is forbidden from exposing in American public for fear that it will damage childrens minds forevor once exposed. Men can show their nipples but women go to jail for showing theirs.
Officer: "Young lady, I'm afraid you're under arrest for indecent exposure"

Lady: "What?"

Officer: "You're showing your nipple"
by NipplesForevor January 2, 2009
Strange tasting and textured breast protudence that has incredible elasticity that when placed between teeth and pulled until it is about to pop off will result in your woman asking for more.
by Dick Splash August 10, 2003
A woman's body part that allows her to make food for her infants and allows people to tell when she is cold.
Jenny are you cold (Person who sees her nipple)
by Totally_Not_A_Jizz_Stain January 30, 2017