Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska is a legend with its history of helping to change the lives of many troubled youth and has long been a tradition in Omaha. But it did fail with regards to one ex-resident still living in Omaha, who still proves to be a menace to those that encounter him in situations that cannot be avoided. Larry Major is one example of a failure that requires Boys Town to swallow their pride. We don’t know what criteria are used by Boys Town to determine if someone is suitable to be returned to society, but it is a fact that this one extreme defect managed to slip by their scrutiny. Considering what they had to work with, they probably could only do just so much, to draw a good analogy; like trying to rescue a rabid dog. This miserable aberration however should not be considered a reflection on the fine work this institution continues to practice.
The Nigger Larry 'Boys Town' Major reaffirms the fact that even the best institution cannot reform a miserable pathetic creature that will never under any circumstances be acceptable by any society.
by Turds Ditmars December 24, 2012
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