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Following Newton's law of every action has an equal reaction, The Newton describes the event that occurs when one is able to take a dump while ejaculating at the exact same time. This has to be done at the exact same time or it is not The Newton.
"So I got bored and decided to try The Newton...I failed."
by Jared/Mike November 30, 2006
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a derogotry term for someone who always takes people's food and drink and is too lazy and/or much of a douche to get them something to eat in return when it is out.

example: hey im gonna eat all of your food, especially your chips and Dr. pepper. Ohh but by the way, fuck you because i am the newton.
by A motha fuckin gay fish April 21, 2009
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Also referred to as 'newting'. It is where you do a headstand where ever you are, or in any place you can think of. Named after Isaac Newton, for when you are 'newting' you are defying gravity with your feet in the air. Look at is upside-down and you'll be holding onto the earth for dear life as to not fall into the sky.
"Dude, I was doing the Newton the other day in the park. It was so fun man, it became my new profile pic"
by Skyler's in the sky, sir May 09, 2012
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