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Fear the NJ Monster for it is fucking huge.

It's like New Jersey only... it's A MONSTER!!!!!!

It's 300 MILES TALL and it kills SPACESHIPS


It's legs are made of "SUPER IRON" RRRAWWWGGGG!!!! which is like IRON exept it's LIKE FLESH only it's made of A MILLION BILLION BLACK HOLES.

It's body is made of WHITE HOLES which neutralizes the black hole's gravity vacumes,

it's CLAWS are made of SUPER NOVAS and when they hit stuff it causes another SUPER NOVA

It's face is made of trees EVIIIILLL TREES and its TEETH are made of HELL the real HELL that DANTE wrote about, exept they're TEETH EVVVILLL HELL TEETH RRRAAWWWGGG.

and he's gonna get YOU

Guy:OMFG It's the New Jersey Monster
Other Guy: Duh, it's 300 miles tall.
by Alexander D'Arata-Newby March 13, 2004
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The monster that lives in the Pines of New Jersey
I saw The New Jersey Monster and i pissed myself.
by Joe Bob March 17, 2005
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