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A beast that roams the land of faggotry, preying on the innocent and raiding the countryside. However, due to urbanisation, The Mythical Faggot Beast immigrated to Earth and can be found in many common places such as High Schools, McDonalds and Shopping Malls.

It can generally be distinguished by its terrible posture, flailing arms, slurred speech and scrawny body. The Mythical Faggot Beast will also tend to play practical jokes that aren't very funny.

Not to be confused with TROGDOR THE BURNiNATOR, who also raids the country side. (Commonly known at BURNiNATION, or the act of BURNiNATING)
John: Who put whiteout on the back of my locker?
Matthew: Must have been The Mythical Faggot Beast.

Andrew: Which jackass stole my Big Mac while I was in the bathroom?
Adam: Must have been The Mythical Faggot Beast.
by InfiniteFreedom May 02, 2011
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