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Noun: The Mystical Portal is a large trailor with metal wings and a long plastic rigged drainage pipe for a neck that supports its large metal head. Mystical portals are usually found in wooded areas secluded from the city. Mystical Portals have been known to mate with 1986 GMC Astro Vans. Mystical Portals can be very territorial and are best tamed with road cones and pitchforks. Mystical Portals are rare nowadays because they can be scrapped for their precious metals at local junk yards. Although Mystical Portals are harmless, any human caught by authorities in, on, or around a Mystical Portal could be punished due to uncertainties of the potential power that the Mystical Portal may or may not have. Anyone that has came in contact or has seen a Mystical Portal is urged to contact "The Keepers of the Portal" immediately as documenting their whereabouts are necessary for the continued survival of Mystical Portals.
A long time ago a poor lost boy was walking though the woods. He became lost after hours of searching for an exit. Then he came to a clearing. he ran for joy to the vast opening only to see a huge metal monster staring him down. The boy ran and ran back into the forest while The Mystical Portal came closer. As he ran out of another exit a band was recording a song on the street corner. He rambled his story though the microphone until he vanished never to be seen again... now with combine efforts the "Keepers of the portal" protect it and the fellow citizens of the world from the distruction it may cause in the years to come.
by SubBass100 June 03, 2009
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