the action of a man ejaculating (cumming) on a womans lips as she is sleeping. as the semen dries throughout the night, the dried ejaculate will seal close the womans mouth..When the woman awakes she will not be able to talk or open her mouth.. she will grunt and moan like a mummy.
"my wife came home drunk from the bar and woulnt blow me. so i decided to give her The Mummy, Bitch!"
by R to the izzo B to the 40 October 15, 2009
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While getting an awful blowjob, you cum in both of her eyes and while she proceeds to get up and search for a towel she will look like a mummy.
Dude last night Valeria was giving me a bad BJ so I gave her the mummy and it took her 5 minutes to find a towel.
by cumnizzelfoshizzle July 7, 2008
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A sexual act where one is required to dig up an old female corpse that is still fleshy in nature yet decomposing. The individual must place their mouth over the vaginal orifice and punch the corpse in the stomach as hard as they can causing whatever is inside to shoot into the said individual's mouth. The result in their mouth must be swallowed.

Also known as a Stanley Steamer.
Nolan: After that Mummy I gave Max's grandma I had the taste of black licorice in my mouth for months!
by Dick McFeely February 25, 2005
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while defecating, you wrap your hand in toilet paper as if it were being mummified. You then proceed to wipe back hand and forehand. Then bam, youre done.
Connor: How was your shit, bro? It sounded nasty. You gonna shower?

Ben: Naw man, I pulled The Mummy.
by Chimpy91 May 7, 2011
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When a guy shoots a magnificent load all over a girls body and waits till she falls asleep to blot the area with tissues. When the girl awakes she will be wrapped in tissues resembling a mummy.
"After 2 weeks of not shooting my load I decided to go out and stalk and fuck. I found some dummy, took her home, and performed the mummy."
by Ma-Manda October 29, 2011
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When u fuck a chick doggystyle and wrap her long hair around her face and lift her off the ground...she will then reach out to touch the ground making motions like a mummy with her face wraped up.
by gaijin August 27, 2003
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the loverly person who gave birth to me and has and will look after me 4 the rest of her life
i love u mummy
by elmo July 9, 2002
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