When a woman's vagina is very plump and round; it is called "The Muffin"
My wife says that the muffin needed to be heated after the cool windy breeze
by LOOOLZER December 8, 2010
Muffins on Muffins is general "Prep" slang for Arguing over the same general principle, agreeing, and not realizing your both on the same side of the argument.

It was created in early 2005, and spread wildly through the east coast of the United States. It was mostly used by people tripping on acid at Techno gigs, who were arguing over pseudo-politics.
People who were also on "A" would call the two participating, "Arguing about Muffins on Muffins"

It has recently traveled to 4chan and Gaia.com, making it almost instantly to Netspeak status.
Remember when Azu and Slow were arguing over who liked kittens the most, and they both thought it was DjTaka? Azu kept calling him Taka, and Slow kept calling him DJ, so they thought they were talking about other people? Damn, they were arguing over Muffins on Muffins!
by Azu January 26, 2005
A sex call, when this is said it stimulates the female sexually and makes them horny almost immediately
When he said "Muffin, Muffin!", I jumped on top of him and proceeded to fuck him.
by AnDDreWWW March 23, 2004
Muffined is a word with the same meaning as bamboozled or pwned, just more innocently. Most commonly used by BadBoyHalo.
*BadBoyHalo and Skeppy playing SkyWars*

Badboyhalo: Omg!! Skeppy!! I threw a guy off!!!

Skeppy: That’s great!

Badboyhalo: He totally got muffined!!!
by poqtx March 12, 2020
A girls vagina - Many different kinds like blueberry (shaved), buttered (with cum), and many more.
by o.O April 20, 2005
A nickname given to a partner or loved one. Such as babe, honey, love etc...
Goodmorning "MUFFIN" how are you babe?
by SmallKnick January 24, 2010
1. A tasty food.

2. An insult to a fat person.

3. Girls Breasts and/or Vagina and/or butt

4. A term of endearment

5. A name for the fat hanging from the stomach-hip area, mostly made when wearing clothing to tight and small.

6. A bad hair day, mostly when the hair is curly and everywhere, kinda looks like a muffin.

7. A synonym for ugly (since some people wrongly assume that Muffins are ugly cupcakes, they also use it to mean ugly for people)

8. A Demi-Goddess in the Church of Breakfast. Main follower being the Mistress of Muffins.
1. Dude, this muffin tastes great! Did you bake more?

2. That girl's a total muffin! Look, she has fat rolls!

3. "Nice Muffins"(Breasts) "Can I butter your muffin?" (Vagina) and "I want to spank her muffin!" (butt)

4. I love you, Muffin

5. Those pants give her a total muffin!

6. Dude, you have muffin hair.

7. Dude she is so muffin why would you wanna date her?

8. Hail the Muffin Goddess, Demi Goddess in the Church of Breakfast.
by MelodyMoose January 7, 2011