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The mouthwasher is an allegorical maneuver exercised by sexual narcissistic males over degenerate and profligate skanks. Such poetic act occurs when the female attempts to suck the male's genitalia but is rudely interrupted by the latter, as he orders her to firstly rinse her mouth with mouthwash - somewhere in the lines of: "Look at me. Do you think I found my penis on the streets? Go rinse your mouth you fucking whore!"
John: Guess who just fucked who?
Peter: Whom did you fuck this time John, you son of a gun!
John: I fucked Iris John. Yeah Iris the skank!
Peter: Broooo!!!!
John: And you know what?? I maneuvered the mouthwasher!
Peter: Brooooo!!!!!
John: I violently pushed her whore-face away from my penis and..
Peter: Brooooooooooooo!!!!
John: and I told her go mouthwash your mouth you whore!!! and I kicked her outa the bed.
John: Yeah. She went rinsing her mouth and came crawling back
Peter: Respect
by The Malteser. March 14, 2018
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