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The way locals refer to Fremont, a wild San Francisco Bay Area suburb
I'm from The Mont bruh dont fuck with me
by themontttt510 February 9, 2019
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n)Is short for larchmont, a town in westchester county, which is right outside of NYC.
by Konrad April 10, 2005
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2. Town in Westchester County, New York, population ~6000
3. Home of the coolest mother fuckers around
4. Where the parties dont stop till 6 in the mornin
Lets blaze in The Mont, then head straight to the bars in New Ro
by ABJ March 21, 2005
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A man of great character and depth with the ability to make the sun shine through the darkest clouds. Friendship and integredy run through his veins and truth and comfort are the gifts he shares - always and without exception. If you need something to you can count on, you need a Monte.
friend Monte
by camping2 February 2, 2010
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A tedious, arduous, or seemingly interminable task; often used to refer to a task imposed upon one by a person who is a "mont." Note that "mont" can also be used for other forms of nouns besides persons, such as objects that make a task unnecessarily difficult, and places that are unchill or difficult to reach.
"This application is sort of a mont"

"Driving that car is a real mont"

"Israel is a mont."
by illustrious degenerate March 19, 2005
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To impose unwanted responsibility upon; to nag or harass someone, especially to do something they don't want to do. To harsh someone. Can also be used as a noun to indicate someone who engages in the act of "monting."
"My boss wants me to do all this work before the end of the day.. he's really monting me" or "My mom won't stop yelling at me; she's being a real mont."
by illustrious degenerate October 7, 2004
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"Mont" literally meaning "mountain" in Latin and "Mount" in French, was also a name used by groups strongly believing in human progress. It can be used as short for the Montagnards ("Mountaineers") group from 18th Century France. They believe civilization is "climbing" or "ascending" to a superior future.
Forever, we follow in the ways of Mont.
by Arnie Frankenfurter April 27, 2016
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