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The Mitt Romney: (Verb)

1) Sexual intercourse wherein one's partner becomes highly self conscious and overly accommodating often resulting in heavy perspiration and multiple position changes usually preceding an anti-climatic finish. Phrases such as "Is this okay with you?" or "am I doing ok, would you like to try something different?" are symptomatic of this condition.

2) The residual transfer of synthetic tanning solution from one partner to another, also known as "the Romney hickey."
Todd was excited to attempt the 'flying lotus' position he learned in the kama sutra but it quickly turned into 'The Mitt Romney' after he sweated all over me, slipped off the kitchen counter and twisted his ankle.
by the sunless tanner September 12, 2011
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When you ejaculate on 47% of your lovers face.
I got so horny watching the presidential election, I just had to give Brenda 'The Mitt Romney.'

I wanted to seem like a compassionate guy, so I only gave Brenda 'The Mitt Romney'.

My wife told me I was lazy today, so I gave her 'The Mitt Romney'. I was happy to oblige.
by RoyCoup November 12, 2012
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