When you're at the club, grinding up on a chick, you reach around to her chest and grope her tits, while doing the rock-a-way
Friend 1"Yo did you see that?"
Friend 2"See what?"
Friend 1"That dude just pulled The Milton"
by CrazyKidC March 24, 2011
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The most adorable, kind hearted guy you will ever meet. Dont take him for granted hes quiet sometimes but gets wild, great kisser and bubbly personality. He goes hard , punches hard as shit. He falls in love easily, loves Ferraro Roche. Sexy ass mother f****r ! He is simply amazing.
Me: Is that milton?
Person : yeah ! omg he looks so cute today
by sweetlypink May 9, 2012
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To have rights, privileges, and/or other amenities revoked over a period of time with apparent intent of making the Miltonee want to leave. Derived from the Milton character in the movie Office Space, who constantly had his cubicle moved and office supplies removed against his protestations.
Since last year, my boss has taken away lunch breaks, given my job to an intern, and made me share my cubicle with Smelly Mel from Marketing - I'm totally getting Miltoned!
by The Evil Steve August 23, 2005
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A powerful descriptive term that typically defies description.

1- characterized by distilled excellence;
2- describing a person or place or phenomenon that is beyond epic and beyond titanic;
3- almost as flawless as - or even more flawless than - LOTR or Dark Knight or AVATAR.

A term that draws it's stature & strength from the depth & breadth of the work by John Milton - an 'epic poet' born four centuries ago.
Ant: "Avatar is art."

Melve: "Mate, I know I saw it in 3D, 'epic' doesn't cut it, the movie was Miltonic".
by A cambridge Spyo March 29, 2010
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a sweat hearted guy,
a man that respects all women no matter what

very small or no temper at all
oh that Milton is so good to me
by Blake Rivers May 25, 2011
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Freakin awesome, real tight, someone who displays desireable characteristics...
Man that dude is totally Milton.
by Reggie G April 27, 2006
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The good and handsome guy sitting next to you in class. He cares almost about everyone and he is always protective. The girls love him in secret.
Oh! Milton is really hot
by AnimeLord33 February 11, 2019
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