The art of being a 3rd wheel, very often...
"bang"...................... Right The Milne!
by zork91 December 12, 2007
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A seemingly unpronouncible last name to those outside the Milne genus.
Originating from Scotland, Milnes are a hardy bunch, many of whom 'immigrated' to Australia as convicts in the 19th century.
'Hi Bob Milne'
'Oh hi Mr. Millun'
'No it's one syllable'
'Ah i see, like Milneh?'
by Peak Ah Choo March 19, 2009
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Someone who most likely comes from Scotland. They are short, loud people, but are extremely caring and will always look out for you.
Who was that short dude who was doing the Scottish accent?

Oh that's a Milne, he's cool
by TotallyNotAFinnishGirl November 2, 2019
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amazing fucking awsome cool guy eric mia
but.. if you dont really hear the name correctly you might confuse it with erin milning .. which is a cruel act that you can force upon one to contract with one and other and presumptuously procrastinate upon oneself, if you look at the future reguarded as a whole you might run into a situation where milning can happen
Girl: Were going to eric mias
Other person: WHOS MILNING?!
3rd member: i dunno
girls: hehhehehehehehehehehe milning

milning: put it on urban dictionary as amazing fucking awsome cool guy eric mia
by aich engel May 5, 2009
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To get drunker and stupider than anyone within 30 miles. Other forms of this behavior include slurring words, pounding back a Texas mickey of Smirnoff, etc.
Brad: "Hey man did you see Jake last night?"
Kyle: "yea he was Brittany Milned as fuck!"
by Poon snatch June 2, 2013
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someone that friendzones every boy but is single herself.
Dang you got rejected by Sydney Milnes again?
by bingbong singsong December 12, 2018
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A game played between two teams of two, where the objective is to throw a cube back and forth. Evertime a player drops the cube, their team gain a point and this is known as 'miln'.
If the throw is bad or some other outside factor affects the throw, it is known as 'out'.
An umpire with the wordsd miln and out written on their wrist decides.
The first team top gain 5 points and then drop the cube have to have a massive cube dropped on their heads as punishment.
I was playing "Miln and out." and got sent off for arguing ?

That was well miln!
by Dontcrycobra May 28, 2010
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