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Requires one naked virgin girl, one bunk bed, one large sheet of plastic, and three audience members.

Position the naked virgin on the bottom bunk so that she is on her stomach, her ass is in the air, and her legs are resting on the floor. Have the audience members placed directly behind her ass, sitting in folding chairs, and plastic at the ready. The man goes to the top bunk and positions himself so that he can somersault off the top bunk while hanging on to the bed frame, thus ensuring that he’ll swing toward the girl. Before doing this, the man must have an erection. The man swings down from the top bunk, aiming his penis so that it slides seamlessly into the girl’s vagina. With so much force behind the penis, the virgin’s cherry explodes all over the audience members, who put up the plastic shield and laugh hysterically.
"I always knew my first time would be special. I'm just so happy Todd was limber enough to do The Messy George Gallagher
by Chaz Palletz February 17, 2010
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