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What God intended us to beat off to. The imagination; the mind's eye. Before spank movies made it obsolete, the mental movie was all people had: shutting their eyes tight, folks in bygone epochs envisaged hot, breathless fucks with acquaintances they passed on cobbled streets. Today, some still employ the mental movie, especially when away from their computers--in an isolated bathroom stall, a fitting room, the woods, etc., the fancy can still be relied on to do the trick when called upon.
Arthur slipped into the dank alley off Goodman St., having just seen Nora in a blue mini-skirt and tank top walking out of the department store. He leaned against the dumpster, glancing about him to be sure he was alone. Nora's sweet Alabama accent, her blue eyes, the superb abundance of her breasts, her chiseled legs: all these mingled in his mind as he cranked his now bare cock with abandon. His brain went blank and he came. He breathed a deep breath: "Nothing like the mental movie sometimes," he muttered.
by Cunning Linguist 28 July 21, 2011
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