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When you incase your penis in cement, and then you stick your cemented penis into a female's vagina.
I just finished giving my girl The Medusa, she was knocked out cold after that, maybe i should check on her?

My penis suffered severe burns from giving my girl The Medusa last night.

Me and my girlfriend were talking about The Medusa. Later that night, while I was sleeping, my Girlfriend put my dick in cement, and she told me to give it to her rock hard, little did I know that I was about to rock her world with my cemented dick.
by Maybewewillcome? August 06, 2016
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a form of fellatio wherein the woman provides the "service" while holding within her mouth an ample amount of noodles, typically Ramen noodles
Broski, I totally convinced a chick to try The Medusa last night.
by PapabearII March 17, 2011
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