A gay clown who smothers himself with semen.
The mayonnaise clown 🤡 loves rubbing semen on his chest.

Dude 1: Wow look at that clown he's got mayonnaise on his face

Dude 2: yeah it's a mayonnaise clown 🤡.
by nuclear hobo September 1, 2019
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A hearty cough that produces a large amount of phlegm with the appearance and consistency of mayonnaise.
He politely covered his mouth with one hand when he coughed; unfortunately, it was a mayonnaise cough.
by HorsebusterPRIME March 6, 2018
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White people acting performatively as social justice allies by criticizing other white people for being performative, failing to accomplish anything meaningful
“ You know your actually not helping black people by wearing dreadlocks right? Your appropriating a deeply held cultural tradition!” says a white ally taking part in the Mayonnaise Cycle
by Notificanhandleit January 5, 2021
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When a dude hasn’t choked the chicken in a few days and upon releasing his load the back pressure causes a sitcky mess all over the place.
Britney hasn’t let Chad hit it in a few days, but last night she complained about the Mayonnaise everywhere in the bathroom.
by SexyGoodSex1856 February 14, 2019
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to describe a girl who gets so uncontrolably drunk and procedes to play with mayonnaise, hence mayonnaise fingers. usually blonde.
erghhhhhhh look at that shes definatly got mayonnaise fingers!
by rainbowsary February 11, 2010
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After you eat a jar of mayonnaise with your bare hands and your hands are sticky and it looks and feels like you came on your hands.
Brad: Yo I shook Chad's hand and it felt like there was cum on it
Jacob: No I think he just has mayonnaise hands.
by Lil Mayonnaise June 22, 2018
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