When a guy's cum runs down the side of his dick and he tells the gorilla of his dreams to eat it like a banana.
Hey, Magilla, come eat this mayonnaise banana.
by someonewhosnotfunkevin July 14, 2017
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When you and a friend (preferably named Cale) get a huge barrel of mayonnaise and submerge yourselves in it together, you then lock toes and stick one man’s genitalia down the other and breed. Once one has finished the other genitalia goes down the first one. You go until there is blood, once there is blood you leave the barrel and lick the mayo off of each other.
Mike oxlong: what are you and Cale doing later?
Me: were mayonnaise breeding
by RabidTurkey June 17, 2022
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A man who conceives large amounts of semen into a beautiful woman
Man: Oh I'm About To Become a Mayonnaise Buster!
Woman: Do it Fast Daddy!
by DaddyJack February 20, 2017
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Code for "cumming inside" during sex.

See also creampie or not pulling out
Guy 1: Yo bro how did your date go?
Guy 2: Dude it was nice. WE made some Mayonnaise Cake together
Guy2: ayyyyyyy
by Matt_Money November 29, 2019
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When you're having sex with a girl who's easy to spread and you make her cream so much that her genital area resembles a mayonnaise spread.
Guy 1- Tell me about that girl you met the other night!

Guy2- I ended up taking her home and it turns out she's one of those mayonnaise clitoris types!
by Mayo Sammich March 4, 2018
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A gay clown who smothers himself with semen.
The mayonnaise clown 🤡 loves rubbing semen on his chest.

Dude 1: Wow look at that clown he's got mayonnaise on his face

Dude 2: yeah it's a mayonnaise clown 🤡.
by nuclear hobo September 1, 2019
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