An EXTREMELY deep vagina. You could fit your entire arm in. Compared to the deepest part of the ocean, The mariana trench.
Guy 1: Dude, Jessica has The Mariana Trench In her pants!

Guy 2: Did your sumbarine go exploring?

Guy 1: Oh yeah!
by JoJoTheFlyingMonkey May 28, 2010
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Marianas Trench is the awesome, 4 man band from Vancouver British Columbia. It consists of Joshua Keeler Ramsay, Matthew Ian Webb, Micheal John Edward Ayley, and Ian Randle Clifford Casselman. Josh is lead vocals, guitar, piano. Matt is lead guitar, piano, backing vocals. Mike is bass, backing vocals. Ian is drums, backing vocals. They are hilarious, down to earth, and VERY TALENTED MUSICIANS. Check em' out! They have 3 albums out- Fix Me, Masterpiece Theatre, and Ever After. They also have 2 EP's- Self-Titled Marianas Trench and Say Anything. *There is also NO APOSTROPHE IN MARIANAS* They also have an amazing guitar tech named Brett Jamieson.
Q: who's the most talented band on the face of the earth?
by MTrenchlover May 17, 2012
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Four man rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Famous for such songs as Shake Tramp, Fix Me and Say Anything. Gaining a lot of popularity due to punchy guitar riffs and melodic vocal sounds and infamy due to the risque lyrics to Shake Tramp.
Hey did you check out that new video of Shake Tramp with the uncensored lyrics on Youtube by Marianas Trench?
by adelews August 13, 2007
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The best band ever. From the city of Vancouver B.C these 4 amazing guys formed in 2001 and released there first album 'Fix Me' October 3 2006. With hits such as Shake Tramp, Decided To Break It, and Say Anything. The Band then released there second album 'Masterpiece Theatre' on February 24 2009. With hits such as Cross My Heart, All To Myself, Beside You, Good To You, and Celebrity Status. This band is becoming very popular very fast. With Josh Ramsay on vocals, Matt Webb on guitar, Ian Casselman on drums Mike Ayley on bass, these boys definitely deserve a listen!
"Have you heard of Marianas Trench?"
"You mean like Josh Matt Mike and Ian Marianas Trench?"
"They are so zany and are full of shenanigans"
by XxLoverDearestxX December 20, 2010
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An extremely talented quartet from Vancouver, B.C, Canada. They play fabulous music, (and addictive too!) filled with wonderful vocals and instrumental accompaniment. Currently, their most well-known song is probably Shake Tramp.
A: "Do you know Marianas Trench?"
B: "The undersea structure?"
B: ".....I've never heard of them...."
by Gio L September 17, 2007
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an awsome 4 guy band based in vancouver, british columbia. consists of josh ramsay, ian cassalman, matt webb and mike ayley.

the music is amazing, with such songs like acadia, cross my heart, shaketramp and decided to break it.

dudee, check them out. marianas trench
by marianastrench March 08, 2009
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Only the people who are into the band MARIANAS TRENCH purely for their look spell the band name like this (Mariana's Trench. This is how Trench Wenches know if the person is a true fan or not.

NEVER spell the name with an apostrophe, it's wrong and you will hear about.

However if you're wondering who this band is, it's a pop-punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia. They are one of few band where all 4 members actually sing. So not only Josh, the lead singer, but Ian, Matt and Mike also sing (the drummer, lead guitarist and bassist). Their songs have catchy lyrics but also have a deeper meaning to them. They are amazing live, some say they sound better live then when recorded, which is rare for bands today.

The members: Mike Ayley, Matt Webb, Ian Casselman and Josh Ramsay

Trench Wench: Bitch please, that's not even how you spell the name, and do you even know the other three members? You only know Cross My Heart and Shake Tramp..... that's lovely...
by TrueTrenchWench February 24, 2011
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