The man is a man who wishes to be The Man, and tries his hardest to be The Man by either doing what The Man has done, or saying he did what The Man has done.
In reality, there is only one man who is fated to be The Man, who if he becomes The Man before the age of 25, or if he does not survive until the age of 100, the world will crumble.
Fundo: I found out who the real The Man was, and lost respect for that pretend The Man.
Fundala: Really?! I don't even know who the pretend The Man is. Who's the real The Man?!
Fundo: Are you crazy?! Don't ask me that. I'll get killed for giving out information like that.
by authOOr August 08, 2006
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The Hippie equivalent of Satan. An evil deity imagined during the late 1960s. A focal point of the Hippie cult religion. Often perceived as a white man in a nice suit. The reason why white men in nice suits are advised not to approach Hippie followers.
Duuude, why is the Man always trying to bring us down??! We should all be, like... happy, and... uhh... Pink elephants!! Pink elephants everywhere!!! AAHhhh!!... Hey, you gotta joint, man?
by Silbixia March 09, 2010
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Slang term that usually only a male would use, meaning: my penis, my dick, my cock, etc. It's an inside joke between guys that know about it, that your penis can be personified (e.g. "Mr. Happy", "Agent 009", "Deep Diver Man"). A penis is much like a person, it has feeling's; after all it's a mans, too.
by TonecasT June 12, 2004
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Is comparable to God. The man has stunning good looks, killer style and intelligence of a rare breed. The Man has the power to slay any and all ladies but chooses not to; as he is choosing to wait for The Woman of his dreams. The man is destined to be a super hero; saving the world day by day. He is recognized and admired by all who know him. The man is a legend in flesh. The Man is respect. The Man is loyalty. The Man is inspiration.
Vikktoriea: *** thinks to herself.

Is that The Man?
by PineappleJuice March 30, 2015
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Not one person or a group of people, but the idea of people who don't want others making their own decisions
"Don't let the man keep you down"
by Alyssa LH May 06, 2007
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Hardcore gangster that will do anything. You already know
Person: Hey why you just slap that boy?

The Mans: Duh bitch, cause I'm the mans
by Akbok March 28, 2009
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