(V) right before the point of male ejaculation, the male positions himself behind a normal household fan, and erupts into the back of the speeding fan, whilst the female graciously awaits the delicious mist of nut nectar all over her face
After I fucked Sarah, i blew my load all over her like The Maid Of The Mist
by Rob Brady August 24, 2006
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When you're banging a dudes wife, and the cuckholded chap cracks a Miller highlife in approval, and the gentle spray serenades your swinging scrotum.
"Cheers brother, enjoy this maid of the mist... and my wife"
by Fill Collins August 04, 2018
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It's when a guy sprays his jizz onto a girl's face through a strainer.
After visiting Niagra Falls, Bob gave Jill a maid of the mist for the full experience.
by Airehkuh May 20, 2016
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