During the act of giving a blowjob the "giver" deepthroats (the entire shaft) and licks the balls simultaneously. See also "fucking incredible"
"This girl was giving me head and she proceeded to Maestro that shit."

"A female friend (a master of her craft) had the ability to give The Maestro thus reinventing the deepthroat blowjob."
by mr. Haywood January 24, 2007
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Someone with much skill in an art, a great musician, composer or music teacher.
The maestro for the orchestra will be Jonny.
by werwertwgg432 January 15, 2005
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The word to cue the DJ to start the music. Then you throw down with your rhymes, moves etc.
You all ain't seen nothin' yet. MAESTRO! (boogies)

by DKLONE August 14, 2007
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The Swiss maestro possesses an exquisite game, and he can hit winners from all parts of the court to all parts of the court on the opposite side of the net.
by bcee April 8, 2007
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-Dude, friend, bro, brotha, my man.
-Greetings in singular and or plural. There you are! Hi everyone!
"Maestro, check this girl out!"
"Maestro, let's get drunk!"
"Maeeestro! - Ohh heyy Brad!"
"Show up to party and say out loud Maaestro!"
by Common Sense Moderate July 2, 2015
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A great or distinguished figure in any sphere.

The master of any art.
by the trending topic March 18, 2020
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The distinguished gentleman who takes a shit on a bon fire.
This bon fire is getting old. Hey Johnny, spice it up maestro!
by gRip October 8, 2006
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