New Jersey dwelling male of Italian descent between ages of 18-40 who stands between 5'0" and 5'4" tall usually wearing tight blue jeans, no less 18 oz. of cheap cologne, silk shirt with no more than 4 buttons fastened(so as to expose thick carpeting of chest hair), and at least 1 lb of assorted gold jewelry not to exceed a a quality rating higher than 10 karat all whilst cruising around in an IROC-Z on a neverending, and rarely successful, mission to "get laid."
by Funk Naz-T August 11, 2003
One who is the daddy of all macks, veritably.
All the girls seem to want to be around you, you most certainly are the veritable mack daddy.
by PseudoA Friend September 1, 2010
The ultra pimp characters from nintendo's Mario based video games.
ie, Mario
by colonel klink March 29, 2005
A mack is an exploiter and master of pimps, and a mack daddy is someone exploiting and ruling over macks.

The term was coined by pastor James David Manning as a description for then senator, later president Barack Obama.
Obama is a long-legged mack daddy.
by Magnus Johansson November 16, 2012
Reference to the cult comedy from the Wayans Bro,s, 'Dont be a menace while drinking your juice in the hood'. Meaning:/ preparing ones self to approach a member of the opposite sex in order to impress. Making sure you've not got shit in your teeth etc... Checking your hair and breath, your general appearance, inorder to come across slick and cool. Nonchalant.

Originally refers to Denzel Washingtons performance in malcolm X, at the beginning of the film when he gets his hair straightened and his pimp outfit, in order to impress the ladies.
'I'm about to get into my Mack Daddy Denzel Mode you know Yeeeeeaaaah! watch me move up these honeys.'
by lukeyGee April 28, 2006
A pimp is someone smooth and charismatic and good with women and uses his powers to exploit weak women.

A mack is a pimp that is able to exploit both men and women.

A mack daddy is a mac that is able to expoit other macs

A long legged mack daddy is a king or chief or master mac daddy. Sorta like the godfather of all mac daddies.
by fightthepower July 19, 2009