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A sexual move where you start hittin it slowly from behind. You then casually make your thrusts a bit more aggressive as you slowly lean down toward her and get extra support by placing one hand on her back, and one down next to her. You whisper in her ear "hold on", as you make your thrusts deeper and faster to the point where you might bruise your pubic area. You have reached full "Mack" when she has been forced into her chest and is so beyond climax that she is shaking and can't catch her breath. Upon culmination, you whisper to her, "that's called the Mack-Daddy, copyright Mack Industries LLC".
Guy 1- I saw Lisa the ther day, she was walking kinda funny.
Guy 2- well, a few weeks ago, she said she didn't think I could make her orgasm strictly off penetration. I was obligated to perform the Mack-Daddy.
by Dragon2020 December 07, 2016
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