When you take a dump in your hand and masturbate thus simulating anal sex.
I masturbated with shit in my hand thus doing The Lewis.
by massafunk September 22, 2009
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when she/he goes in for a kiss, but the girl/guy turns away, rejecting it.
"oh did she just pull a lewis on you?"
"yeah, it was pretty embarrassing."
by 98baby January 19, 2013
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Lewis is a normaly sexy and medium hight type of guy. Also is a chick magnet to every girl all very sporty and funny and likes maths and a very flirt YH guy . ALSO HAS A HUGE D*CK THAT'S NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT ;)
Woman : u r sexy Lewis .

Lewis : thank you๐Ÿ’™
Woman : ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
by (;BIGDICKLEWIS;) October 19, 2018
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A cute nickname for a hot guy of the name Lewis. Lewies always know how to get a girl hooked on them and do anything for them, but they always care about the girl a great deal more than the girl knows. They are so sweet and their girl feels like she is living in a fairy tail. If she begins to loose intrest Lewies will always worry that it is their fault when it usually never is. Lewie's are kind-hearted and caring guys who put themselves out for the one they love.
Person 1: Lewie took me to watch the sunset last night. He said the sweetest things, I feel like I am in a fairytale.

Person 2: Lucky you have a Lewie. He is such a Lewie. I am forever alone.
by smillleee August 13, 2012
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Lewis is a fucking mad cunt he gets all the girls and doesnt dog the boys he is a tru m8 and Lewis is a mad aboriginal
Have u heard of that kid called Lewis he is a fuckn beast
by Fuckn tru blue aussiiee October 27, 2019
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Joe: Wow is that Lewis?

Sarah: yeah he has a huge cock
by some guy who isn't named lewis December 9, 2020
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A Lewis is a handsome boy that once you meet him you never want to let him go.A Lewis is a great kisser and a smooth,classic boy .He is an amazing all rounder, will also protect himself and anybody else who is in need of help.
I never want to let go of you , Lewis
by Flying poopsicles August 8, 2018
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