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(Description) A drinking challenge involving three people, a large bucket of ice water and a beer.

(Execution) The participants legs are hoisted upon the shoulders of the two spotters in a similar fashion as a keg stand. The participant then submerges his or her head into the ice water as long as possible. When said participant can no longer stand the ice and or hold their breath, they are then brought back up and are then required to immediately shotgun a beer. The accomplishment of the Leo leaves the victor a in a bit of a disoriented state yet filled with extreme satisfaction.

(Origin) Created at Indiana University, it is named the Leo due to its ice watery connection to Leo DiCaprio in 'Titanic.' Except Jack was a total bitch about it.
Ben: Dude, after we do the Chumbawumba Challenge this afternoon, we need to do the Leo!

Aaron: Fuck yes!
by rondogmiss June 21, 2011
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