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A very uncommon re-rack in beer pong which is a variation of the power I, but with the back cup moved slightly to the side to look like a dick with one ball. Also, one could re-rack to a dick and balls, which is 2 cups in the back with two in an I formation off the front, and then promptly remove one cup leaving you with the lance armstrong.
Big Dirty Dan:Dude, we have three cups left what should we rereack to??
Juan: The Lance Armstrong. Fo sho. Yo.
by stevengross August 31, 2009
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the Lance Armstrong is when you sit on a girls face, grip her hair with both hands, and pedal her ears all while sticking one testicle in her mouth.
After I gave her the Lance Armstrong, she was speechless, unable to return any means of conversation!
by PhusionDev July 24, 2006
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