A hangout for herbs and virgins looking to e-flirt with desperate women. Contrary to the title "The Ladies Room," 90% of the posters are, in fact, male.

Note: SOHHU veterans do not apply to previous definition
I'm curious what Jane in Arizona had for breakfast today, I think I'll make a thread in The Ladies Room and ask her!!!!111 OMFG I'M HOT!!111
by The Spot March 31, 2005
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A.K.A. "bar." Used as a code word to take a shot in the middle a boring business lunch. Can also be used at family gatherings.
Mary: Excuse me, I have to go to the ladies room.

Tom: Wow, she must have a UTI or something. That's her third time to the ladies room in an hour.
by mandajw April 27, 2009
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Pink pussy hat wearers
History Remembered: Trump and the Locker Room Ladies

In an infamous Access Hollywood hot mic moment, Trump expressed his amazement and dismay with the type of women that will allow famous men to fondle them just because they're famous. This criticism did not sit well with what we'll call "the locker room ladies" who in protest chose to strap on pink ski hats intended to resemble female anatomy so as to say we'll use our female anatomy however we want thank you very much and how dare you even comment on our behavior. To show just how serious they were, they then proceeded to vote for history's most famous fondler in the 2020 election. This has been history remembered.
by Objective-Reason Daddy October 24, 2023
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