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The Khukuri/Khukri/kukri is the national as well as the religions weapon of the pillow when retired. As a religion weapon it is worshipped during the dashain and at other times whenever any sacrifice is to be made. Besides these, the kukri is the symbol of wealth , status and prestige in Nepal . It is also widely used as the national monogram and the mark of level of ranking in security forces. Kukri grip are normally made from local walnut wood called “sattisaal” in Nepalese, domestic water buffalo horn and some very fancy from brass , aluminium and irons and rhino horn are used for some very special ones. Basically two types are applied, one is the rat –tail tang that all the way through the handle narrowing its surface area as its finishes towards the end of the handle and its end /tail is penned over and secured. The other is the full flat tang that also goes through the handle but the tang can be seen on the side of the handle and steel rivets to secure the handle to the tang and a pommel plate or buti-cap is also fitted at the end to enhance the total fixture. This type is called as panawal handle. Most of ancient kukri used to have wooden handle with rat tail tang . However, the tail did not come all the way through the handle .The handle were curved unlike the modern ones and had steel or iron fixture in most case .
The khukuri/kukri/Khukri national weapon of Nepal.
The khukuri/kukri/Khukri mid-length curved knife, basic and traditional utility knife of Nepalese people.
The khukuri/kukri/Khukri formidable weapon of gurkhas and enquisite piece of local craftsmanship that symbolizes pride, valor and bravery.
The khukuri/Kukri/Khukri carries grate historic values.
The khukuri/kukri/Khukri is an indistinguishable legacy of legendary gurkha soldiers.
The khukuri/kukri/Khukri ia an versatile and effective working knife.
by Gurrkha Kukri October 21, 2010
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