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Def 1.The act of tucking a penis between ones legs, giving way to the appearance of a vagina. Often done as a last minute attempt to make a friend laugh or performed in the mirror by confused sociopaths to the tune of 80s pop music.

Def 2.Playing out a sick fantasy in the attempt at replicating Ken Dolls shiny dickless mound by way of a good pube wax and solid tuck job for ones own self gratification...? most likely stemming from an extremely lonely childhood.
Shane-Eh bro quick question, tucked in or out?
Jonas- Aww come on dude, gross!
Shane- (Extreme Laughter) The "Ken-Tucky" makey Jo feel yucky!!
Jonas-Feel better now perv?! (looking away) God Damn your sick!
Shane- (lip pop) It's ok to be turned on, just tell me I look good!
Jonas- (glancing back) Bro! untuck your shit!
Shane- Untuck what and call me sistaa.
Jonas- I'm outta here before I end up on Dateline.
Shane- Haha silly willy(hands on hips looking into a mirror) I kinda like it.
Jonas- WTF!?! (door slam)
Shane- Forget him its just me and you tonight SLUT!

Jeffery is totally freakin me out man, the chap stick every five minutes, burning me glam rock CDs and don't forget the Ken-Tucky routine, it was only kinda funny the first time!

Would you fuck me? Cause I'd fuck me!

Last Halloween my girlfriend and I were Barbie and Ken and so long story short I gave the pubes a good thrice over with some quality wax, packed away the goods, (chuckles) and u should have seen her face when she tried going down on me that night only to find a reflection off a beautifly played "Ken-Tucky."
by GWizz September 06, 2012
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