A complex, two part maneuver involving bathroom anal sex when the womens head is forcibly held in a flushing toilet.
I went in and William had just completed The Katrina, Camren's face was drenched with water.
by HC BALLOU SWARLEY February 8, 2009
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A girl typically with bright brown or hazel eyes and beautiful inside and out. Katrina's believe in true love, and have honest great advice that you can depend on. A Katrina is naturally bright but misunderstood. Some of them get hurt, but the fall right back on their feet. It's rare to have a friend or relative named Katrina, because no one is normally fit to have the name. Katrina's are always there for you and hold few people close to their heart.

Katrina's have amazing personalities, they inherit the best traits out of their families. They always find the good in people, and are very loyal. But if you ever cross one, they can hold grudges or severely hurt you if you hurt someone close to them. Katrina's can be a little dorky but lovable and many look up to them. They're loved by many and are all in all amazing even though some Katrina's don't realize it.

Katrina's can be stubborn and don't like compliments. They are very lyrical and talented while some are very interested in quotes, song lyrics, etc. They will always be a shoulder to cry on, and can be the best girl you will EVER meet.
"Wow that girl's amazing. She gives the best advice, is popular, and has a beautiful personality."

"She must be named Katrina."
by Analeigh Carillo May 2, 2013
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The most stunning, beautiful and amazing girl you could ever hope to find in this world. She has eyes like the ocean and a smile that lights up the world, nobody and nothing can match her beauty, she's charming and sweet and absolutely incredible, she's the type of girl you wish for and dream about. Caring, kind, sarcastic and sassy are a few ways to describe her irresistable personality, shes the cutest, sweetest most loveable girl possible, if you meet her you'll never be able to leave her, this girl is a keeper and deserves nothing less than perfect
Guy: I wish I had a girl like katrina
Guy: that girls perfect her name must be katrina
by Bluejay18 February 7, 2013
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A name carried by many women, Means "Pure Heart" comes from the greek origin. Is the most amazing, most sweetest, good-hearted girl you will ever meet in your life. She fills the room with her beautiful smile and happiness, everyone in the room cant help but to just stop and stare when she enters. She cares about people, and loves to make them happy. Dosent care about apperence that much but searches for the good on the inside in a person. Is the kind of girl to dream about falling in love and meeting her prince charming. The type of girl who loves to love, is an amazing best friend but most of all an even better girlfriend and wife. She will shower you with many gifts but more hugs and kisses than you can imagine. She also has the most deepest and strongest emotional power that will move everyone to tears with every single word. Everything she says she means, it comes from the bottom of her heart. Has no problem being adventerous and crazy when its time to party, is fantastic under the covers and always aims to please. You can never go wrong once you meet a Katrina because once you have captured her heart she will be by your side. She is the girl that you can keep forever.
Guy 1: Holy shit! That girl just blew me away.
Guy 2: Shes perfect, Must be a Katrina.
by emmerts August 15, 2012
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A beautiful, smart, and funny girl. She is that one girl that everybody wants. Unfortunately she's also that one that nobody has. She's a boss at playing "hard to get"! Often times confuses guys by being nice to them for no other reason than being awesome!
Guy 1: Hey have u seen that Katrina?

Guy 2: Yeah, I talked to her today! :)

(next day)

Guy 1: how's it going with u and Katrina?

Guy 2: just stab me now....
by ceeloblack October 17, 2012
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The nicest girl you will ever meet. No matter how long you are friends, you will never get into a fight with a Katrina, they are so down-to-earth. They are very pretty, and funny, but they have their blonde moments at times. One of the most awesome girls you will ever meet.
Me: "Hey, can I borrow a pencil for the test?"

Katrina: "Sure, you can keep it, I have plenty."

Me: "Thanks! I owe you one."

Katrina: "No, it's fine!"
by MaisyMoozles July 5, 2012
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A quiet girl before you get to know her. Short. Generally around the height of 5'3"- 5'4". Extremely artistic. Very smart as well. Often has changing personalities. Has many friends. Generally, Katrina's are very popular and have many best friends. Can be quiet, shy when meeting people for the first time. Very determined. Honest and loyal. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Katrina's are often sensitive and easily hurt. They are daring and stubborn, but ambitious. Katrina's often have really big boobs and no butt. They also tend to have long hair, usually dark.
Boy 1: Who's that quiet new girl?
Boy 2: It must be Katrina
Girl: God, I wish I had her boobs.
Boy 2: Yup. Definitely a Katrina.
by Moon Gazer February 6, 2012
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