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The Kansas City Shuffle: a "Kansas City Shuffle" is a most clever deception, one that requires thought on the part of the inciter and great ignorance on the part of the deceived. The primary goal of the Kansas City Shuffle is to catch one completely off-guard and unaware so that trickery can take place.
The movie Lucky Number Sleven's plot was an example of The Kansas City Shuffle at its best.
by Joe Abbott May 01, 2006
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Definition 1. "When they look left and you move right." make them look to the left as a distraction and while they are distracted you move to the right.

Definition 2. A sort of slide of hand or trick in getting someones attention by getting them to look one way while something else is going on in another direction.
Example one. Guy 1 "Hey man we need to trick this guy out of his money." Guy 2 "?lets pull the Kansans city shuffle."

Example two. Guy 1 "These guys are blocking our only way out because they think we have there money." Guy 2 "Lets pull the Kansas city shuffle, make them look left and we'll go right."
by Sleven kelevra June 27, 2012
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