When you rip a fart so large it can destroy Russia
He let in a Klap so large, it nuked our school.
by Octorok(rouxboi) March 25, 2021
Klapper- When you talk about a girl 24/7
Klapping- the doing of talking about a girl 24/7
Klap- Where you klap them asscheecks
Bro stfu you klapper
Bro you klap too

You do it more
Well my girl wouldn’t do what you are doing

by TheKlapper August 13, 2022
A sexually transmitted disease, similar to chlamydia, exclusive to the black American community
Darnell fucked Tasha raw dog and caught the Ku Klux Klap.
by Peitro Tabonski June 6, 2019