A strike,slap or punch given by 'n South-African, Afrikaans White boer to let the opposing person pass-out, suffer a heart-attack, or possibly, die. The Boer Klap is often given to the children of Boerre if they miss-behave
Hein :"Dad, I soiled myself"
Ruan:"Son, I'm gonna give you one big-ass Boer Klap!"
Hein :"Nooooooooooooooooo!"


Ruan:"Honey, call 911"
by BeesHaas September 9, 2010
Big Red and his truck loving gang
Did you see the Klapped Kings roll in to the parking lot like royalty!!
by Steve Clif February 29, 2020
Instead of writing Write Back chav's say Klap Back
(they also say Holla Back)
by Lozzaaa November 3, 2007
A nickname for King K Rool which also can describe his clap move
1) Get ready boys, King K Klap is coming for your asses
2)Did you just King K Klap me?
by welphereweareagain April 10, 2019
When you clap a black person so hard in a video game they think you're a member of the KKK
White guy: "Bro you just go Ku Klux Klapped so hard"
Black guy: "Racist ass KKK member"
by MonkyeMan September 21, 2020
An infamous LUEser from wordLife, universe, and everything/word aka LUE. Known mainly for his unique strikeout text on aim.
by NID June 30, 2003
When you rip a fart so large it can destroy Russia
He let in a Klap so large, it nuked our school.
by Octorok(rouxboi) March 25, 2021