A shitty place to go to for Chicken. Sometimes they don't even have chicken up to an hour before they close. Their chicken is sometimes undercooked or overcooked, and the grilled chicken is like a rubber dog toy.
I went to KFC to get a bucket of chicken, and alas the asshats didn't any chicken left AGAIN, and it was only 8:30 and they close at 9:30.
by LOLstoopidKFC October 17, 2009
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Where the African American eight foot three guy goes every Friday with his crew.
by N. Gin August 24, 2010
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Kennedy Fried Chicken -The ghetto KFC run usually by the arabs behind bullet proof glass and a lot cheaper than the real KFC.
Forget KFC, lets go to Kennedy fried chicken instead it's $3.00 for 3 pieces, a bun, and a soda.
by Calvin1 June 14, 2007
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Kentucky Fried Chicken

The name of a popular fast food restaurant, established by some guy named Colonel Sanders, that specializes in fried and broiled chicken products. An ideal place to contract salmonella, E. coli, and other potentially deadly food-borne illnesses.
Nobody needs a little KFC because they don't do their chicken right.
by AYB February 26, 2003
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andy: "Ohh man, that chick is such a slut"

john: "Shit yeah, totally KFC"
by mitchos devos January 16, 2011
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K-F-C. also standing Damn Good Chicken.

as my black friends inform me.
Doodie: ai, ai, ai tyrone!
Doodie:Ai Tyrone!
Tyrone:whach yoo wan doodie?
Doodie:yoo kno wha kfc stand fo?
Tyrone: ai, aint that be standin fo damn goo chikin?
by zachy lynch August 30, 2008
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