A type of sex move where the man gives a stunning 2 hour performance and receives an academy award afterwards.
I gave my girl The Joker last night and now i have no idea where to place this award.
by bbeck1206 February 22, 2020
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When you put your tip up to a girls cheek and say “why so serious” and “let’s put a smile on that face” in a raspy and aggressive tone almost like heath ledger’s joker
Person 1: hey guess what
Person 2: what?
Person 1: I did the joker to my girlfriend last night
Person 2: oh god what’s wrong with you
by More_than_one_persons March 22, 2022
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The joker poker is a sex move where u keep poking ur dick in her ass every time u poke u make a joker laugh
by Evil492 April 25, 2021
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Immature vloggers bashing successful idols saying it was just a "prank" and later posting an apology video where they've just gone mad.
The Joker's Squad just posted a video about (a Kpop Group)
by ImAnonymousYes July 13, 2020
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