Joker two face και στην άλλη ζωή γαμω το σπίτι (joker two face and in the other life fuck the house)
by Niggα cαt October 30, 2019
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The leader of ILLEGAL ARMY, he is feking strong and pro in almost every game. He don't like heros, he likes the villians like him.the guy who never talk to girls first.he don't like to party much but if he had someone cool, maybe his mood can be changed. He has pure heart even Kent r.o can't beat him. He usually talk very less and silently notice everything. But at the end he is multi talented, he was good singer, dancer, painter, he can write manga and comics.

He is damm cute .

One eye contact with him can keeps you whole day smiling .that's the ILLEGAL JOKER
ILLEGAL JOKER the legend of the gaming
by Dream 57 November 23, 2021
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To go crazy like joker from Batman.
If someone doesn’t fall in love with me by Valentine’s Day I’m going to go joker.
by Hotliteratequeen February 1, 2021
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When a guy goes down on a girl during “shark week”. And does joker make up with the blood. Really go to town with it. And asks “Why so serious?”.

-Red Rabbit
Guy pops up after oral: “Why so serious?!”
Girl: are you pulling joker on me
by Original Facing November 14, 2018
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Pussy Joker was a saying used to refer to common low level street mugs on the Streets of the greater New York area in the 1930's. In the Modern era it is Commonly used to refer to men who trawl dating apps such as tinder looking for a woman to be associated with a cat, talk a about a cat or reference any feline in any form. Then they pounce making an inane outdated innuendo using the word pussy. they then proceed to high five themselves and look extremely smug.
GAZZA; Hey chad check out think chick on tinder shes totes into cats all her profile photos have a cat in them
CHAD: oi bro tell her she has a nice pussy *CHORTLE CHORTLE*
GAZZA: *types nice pussy*
CHAD: nice one bro!
High fives all round.

Tinder cat girl: hey Stacey why are all the guys on tinder such fucking pussy jokers???
by XRAYs January 2, 2017
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A person who Is Not technically racist but jokes about racism in America
"Hey bae" Shane says "Shane your white not black " says Niani (the racist joker)
by who u be"/ July 4, 2014
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When you are talking about something NSFW but you don't want to disclose the details.
+Lost my job today.

-Oh shit, sorry to hear that. How?

+Smoking Joker.

by aruari May 27, 2022
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