The John is another informal name for 'the toilet'.
Sarah ran straight to the John after their long trip.
by Rbs January 27, 2005
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Another name for a toilet. Other names include the porcelain throne, the potty, the chambers, and of course, the toilet.
"Whelp, I drank a liter of Mountain Dew today I better go use the john!"
by I'mNotGoth May 30, 2016
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An alcoholic drink made from combining diet coke with cheap tequila. The name refers to the taste, similar to toilet water.
I passed out in a puddle of vomit because I was drinking the Johns all night.
by Don Lemmings October 24, 2017
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Shainas one and only love bird! John the man.
Shaina:"I love you John you sexy beast you!"
John: "I love you more you sex muffin you!"
Shaina:"No I love you more you wild man!"

Alright thats enough of that. I'm sure you get the point.
by GeussWho February 22, 2005
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It's that fuckin good good.
"Dude that was some John-John weed."
by Buns420 October 8, 2017
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"No johns" means that you can't make excuses. It is the perfect counter argument to anyone who is making any type of excuse whatever. When someone makes excuses or tries to make excuses, they are "johning". If this occurs, tell them "NO JOHHNZZ".
Me: "Dude, I just 4 stocked your Marth with my Pikachu.

n00b: "Yeah, but Marth isn't my main character."

Me (as well as crowd): "NO JOHHNZZ SON"
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