a slang term for joe louis arena in detroit where the red wings play
calgary is playing at the joe tomorrow
by vince April 3, 2005
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A remote location in good old Kansas. Only the coolest can say they are from the Joe, therefore earning the nickname of being a "Joe". Some wild and crazy things happen in this little village, some celebrations include (but are not limited to) : weddings, keggers, and the ever famous water skiing. You must be born and raised in the Joe to be a "True joe", all others are completey and utterly jealous of us. Amen.
All parties at The Joe are off the hook!
by Thejoe123 January 19, 2010
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Of the male species Joe. Involves the act of hot sweaty naughty sex. Drives around blasting The Misfits.
I got some of the Joe last nite.
by grumpybear April 8, 2003
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1) I’m going to do the laundry
2)are you ok you seem to do the laundry a lot, do you have OCD?
1) Yeah, doing the Joe is just addicting.
by ~Robin~ January 5, 2021
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The Joe is an inferior opponent to the Gaz, see rafa.

The Joe is destined to be served to The Gaz and The HariKrista for luncheon. Preferably with a nice cianti.
We meet at last, The Joe, say hello to my lil semi-automatic 'fren you halfbreed fuckarse wannabe.
by The Gaz July 23, 2004
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Joe Joe is an inspiration to others. He is smart, funny, lovable, and has an incredible warm heart. He tends to be hard on himself and enjoys being in solitude as well as being with his friends. He is incredibly outgoing and one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. If you ask anyone about Joe Joe they wouldn't be able to tell you a bad story about him. Joe Joe is generous and when you meet him it is hard to forget him or his name. Joe Joe has a contagious smile that will spread onto you.
Have you met Joe Joe? I can't get him out of my mind!
by smarty...smartypants November 11, 2019
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Golden Wind.

"Joe Joe Golden Wind" is the lyrics to Giorno's theme, Il Vento Doro. Giorno's true identity is Martin Luther, who had a dream.
by Suzushina Yuriko May 12, 2020
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