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That guy/girl who can always find a way to incorporate New Jersey into their everyday conversations, because they're originally from the Garden State. They usually wear abnormally tight shirts, depending on the build, and the majority of the time, they look good in them. Usually there is some form of an Italian clothing line touching their body, and if not, Abercrombie and Fitch works too. Not all of them are "guidos" or "guidettes", just the majority of North Jersey kids (around Newark). It isn't uncommon to find one without the stereotypical "Jersey" accent flowing from their mouth all the time, however it is hard to find one who, when using their dormant accent, actually says "Joisey"... It's "Jurzee", get it right. Not all of them are assholes/bitches, just the ones who don't like you. Also, they travel in packs, and always manage to find the one other "Jersey Kid" in the area, even in North Carolina. Last but not Least, most of them speak multiple languages, be it Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, etc..

So to sum it all up:
-Jersey kids are usually the opposite of the stereotype (unless trying to get a girl/guy)
-Clothes are always a major part in their lives
-They're not all assholes/bitches
-Don't try to cuss them out with another language, it won't work.
Hey, the Jersey Kid doesn't have an accent, what's wrong with him?

Nothing, he's normal.
by hi my name is... November 06, 2009
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